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Shanghai drive

First thing in the morning in Shanghai was a drive along an elevated highway where all the sights confirmed that indeed Shanghai is filthy well off and ready to surge into the future as the next New York.

This could have been driving on the Gardiner Expressway near the Toronto harborfront.

Shanghai City God Temple district, the core of old Shanghai, and a shopping district now, with lots of stores including even international chains like Esprit, Starbucks and McDonald’s inside its historic and well maintained buildings. A very impressive place nevertheless.

Construction could be seen in many places, not just in Shanghai but also in other cities. Shanghai, and China, are clearly on the move forward, trying to create a powerful and modern Chinese urban landscape, though not without serious costs to its people and environment.

Either they’re not very cultured or they think they’re on top of the world, or at least China, and plain just don’t give a fck what others think, but many Shanghainese still hang out their laundry like this. Admittedly in HK, some people do that too.

Passing a bunch of decent-looking apartment buildings and towers on our way out of Shanghai.