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Shanghai and Ningpo photos

After the lengthy writeup on my recent China trip, photos must follow. Given I took almost 1,000, it’s no problem sharing a choice few here.

Ahyuwang Temple, Ningpo.

This would be a common sight on the roads and highways we passed. This particular canal is just outside of Ningpo.

A performance put on by ethnic minorities at a Shanghai restaurant. The interior was really fancy, featuring a Thai-SE Asian-looking decor, though there weren’t many diners and the performances were a bit lackadaisical, not that the performers got much appreciation from the customers.

At the beginning of our Shanghai boat cruise on the Huangpu, snow started to come fast and furious at us. Actually it petered out after a short while and it was basically flurries, though it excited some people who probably never saw snow before. It was incredibly chilly for the whole cruise though.

The next few photos need no description, featuring Shanghai’s three tallest towers and part of the Bund.

Beloved employer. The ‘ Post in China. Not sold there, just took it from the plane and placed it in my hotel room.