A little more World Cup news from South Africa- first, an influx of prostitutes (40,000!) is expected to swamp South Africa, including Durban which was apparently warned by somebody, though this was also said for the 2006 World Cup in Germany and didn’t end up happening. Just as bad, the same South African official who warns about the above also says that the suspension of school may lead to students “on holiday” being lured into prostitution themselves. It’s a frightening but somewhat dramatic thought. This doesn’t take away from the significant problems of human and sex trafficking that happens a lot all over the world, especially in Africa, but at the same time there might be some hyperbole with some of the warning and figures being bandied about.

This blog post predicts the Cup will end up screwing most South Africans (and maybe foreigners too?) over as expensive and complicated to get game tickets, jacked up plane flight tickets, and some not so insubstantial socioeconomic problems arising from the construction of stadiums and the question of any benefits to the poor and less well-off are still inadequately addressed, from the columnist’s personal view.