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Macau-much more than just casinos

I used to think that Macau was a tiny, densely-populated place that just a few hours’ worth of walking around in one day would be sufficient to see all the interesting places. I went there on a day-trip in January, and I was proven wrong. Macau, as some might know, is a former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong, and even smaller, that boasts the world’s largest collection of casinos and is one of China’s two Special Administrative Regions, with HK being the other. It also boasts a significant colonial architectural heritage that has resulted in its city center being granted World Heritage Site status by the U.N.

When I went there, the obvious first step was to see these historic sites, starting in Sentosa Square. Guia Hill, on which a Lighthouse and Fort are located, and the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, Macau’s most famous landmark, and the adjacent Fortress Hill were the other historic sites we moved on to. This was followed by a visit to a Coloane village and finally the night was capped by a relatively quick visit to the Venetian.

Guia Lighthouse

Ruin of Cathedral of St. Paul

Behind the Ruins.

Looking out from the Ruin.

View from the Fortress Mount, a fort complex located on a small hilltop next to the Ruin.

The Museum of Macau on the left, which is also part of the Fortress Mount complex.

A street in a Coloane village.

Inside the Venetian.