Would it be crazy to think that some media companies are making their Web sites so crappy in an attempt to reduce their appeal for online freeloading readers, including myself, and so prevent people from becoming too dependent or satisfied with just browsing their Web site? Looking at the Toronto Star’s awful revamped site, which has been like this for several months now, and wondering why, this is the only plausible reason I could think of, as ridiculous as it seems. I also thought that Yahoo’s recent revamp was quite bad as well because the site looks pretty dreary compared to how it was before.

This is kind of old news by now, but this NY Times article on the woeful state of the media industry in New York makes for a good read. Despite the article’s title, I found it kind of depressing. There has been an unending stream of layoffs in the U.S. media industry, with the Toronto Star not immune either, and it seems that print media corporations and established brands are powerless. Online and/or social media seems to be hailed by many as the future, including in the Times article above. This vision does not seem to have a real place for current print media, with only vague calls for these media to change and adapt equally vague online strategies. Many newspapers have been forced to shut down,  with even major city dailies with proud histories that exceed 100 years not immune. The irony is that this is a time where with the world becoming more wired and technology becoming more prevalent and powerful, the audience, and need, for news is  more .