Tainan trip- part 2

I went to Tainan earlier this year with some family for one day.
Tainan boasts a significant historical heritage given its over 350-year history as a settlement from the time of the Dutch occupation and even before. This history separates it from the likes of Taipei and Kaohsiung.
The city is dotted with historical sites including the Confucius Temple and two ancient Dutch forts.
After visiting the first one, Fort Provintia, we went to Anping Fort, formerly called by the Dutch Fort Zeelandia.

From the outside. It’s obvious that the fort has gone through some renovations.

Inside the fort and looking up at the main tower.

Dutch 17th century weapons inside the fort’s small museum.

Going up to the top of the watchtower gives decent views, including of a nearby temple.

Up next on the itinerary was this coastal fort or battery. Its name in Chinese is something like Eternal Golden fortress.

Even got to enjoy a gunnery demonstration from attendants in proper soldierly regalia.

We capped off this great day by going to a night market, a giant one located in a wide open space. Its name is Garden market, directly translated from Chinese. It was really big, really busy as these following photos show. Puts all night markets I’ve been to in Taipei to shame.