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Hong Kong hiking- part 2

A very, very belated follow-up to my previous post on hiking in Hong Kong. Besides Lantau island, I also went to TaiMoShan, Hong Kong’s highest mountain, and hiked close to the top. Located in the New Territories, it was quite decent and at the highest point I reached, I was able to enjoy good views of Tsuen Wan on one side and Yuen Long/ Kam Tim on the other.












View of Tsuen Wan during the first climb up.











Lush mountain greenery in the opposite direction, also on the first climb.












I keep saying “first climb” in the above captions because these guys kept me from getting any higher. I had to go back down the trail I came up from back to the road and find another route, which meant just taking an extension of that same road.























Steps to the lookout point.











One one side is the vast plain of the Kam Tim area.













And on the other side, beyond the valley can be seen Tsuen Wan.




































This is actually the top of Tai Mo Shan. You can’t actually go up there since it’s a government installation used for weather or telecommunications purposes. I could have continued the road and gone higher but by that time I was too tired. I didn’t hike from the ground up to these places of course. I took a bus from Kam Tim that drives across the mountain, got off at the highest stop- Country Park, and from there took a trail upwards until I reached the cattle, then went back down to that stop and followed a side road where I was able to reach near the top. It was still hot and tiring, but in the end well worth it.