Foolishness galore

Coming off the heels of the rather large but meaningless rallies Sunday, there was this ridiculous little event which occurred in Switzerland where Taiwan’s health minister was belittled by students. The accompanying picture tells the story rather well, with the beautiful but misguided and impudent young lady leaning and giving the minister an earful while the minister tries to shrug her off with some dignity and reserve. The students were upset over Taiwan participating in the World Health Assembly as “Chinese Taipei” which they probably feel denigrates Taiwan’s sovereignty and makes it a part of China. Apparently these students’ expensive education, they are studying in Europe right, doesn’t educate them well enough to understand that Taiwan would NOT be in the WHA meeting if it didn’t accept using the “Chinese Taipei” title. On such a substantial topic like health and in these urgent times, some ignorant people still want to forget or ignore reality especially international  geopolitics and grandstand over relatively petty issues, which most know full well will not even be resolved. China is powerful and exerts a lot of clout in internationa circles, and there is no way that China can accept Taiwan participating in any international arena under “Taiwan.” This is true in the Olympics and in APEC. What also irks me is that if Taiwan hadn’t participated inthe WHA and suffers any major problems from the H1N1 flu, many of these same foolish protesters would be blasting the government, including for not doing whatever it could such as obtaining international cooperation in combating the flu. Hopefully the Taiwan delegation really did accomplish some things at the WHA which would help Taiwan greatly.