I don’t hate Obama. I actually think he’s a decent person and intelligent too. I read his first book- “Dreams from my father” and found it quite good, very direct and not at all flowery or petty. If I could have voted, I would have voted for him too, though mostly because of the admin that’s been in office for the last 8 years.

But what I really hate is the immense self-perpetuating hype and fantasy that surrounds him. In terms of some of the sentiments and praises that have been made about him, it’s almost as if he were the second coming of Christ. His election itself was historic and maybe he will turn out to be a good president but at the least, can we wait until he achieves something first?

Note: I also don’t like the way how the media, especially American liberal, has largely fawned over Obama but I also remember how the conservatives have taken advantage of broad media support in the past like with cultivating an aura of enforced patriotism in the days after 911 when criticising the government was made out to be treason, so I know it works both ways.