WaPost: coverage tilted towards Obama. Really?

Just like to share some links to pieces on Obama U.S. media bias. The first is the Washington Post, whose ombudsman recently released her finding that the newspaper’s campaign coverage was indeed very Obama-centric. The thing is, this wasn’t the first time she wrote about this Obama-bias as back in August she also admitted this.

Then from Canada’s National Post, a media professional blasts others in his profession for their open Obama adulation, specifically on their Facebook pages: “I sincerely believe that when your job is to spend every day learning about other people, places and cultures, you’re automatically bound to develop a more liberal worldview, and to me that’s a good thing.
But professionalism matters even more, especially when the political cultures of the United States and Canada are so divided. What are my Obama-loving journalist friends really saying on Facebook anyway? That they couldn’t care less about their responsibility to report the news to people who don’t share their politics? It’s shameful, and I’m astonished at how brazenly so many former colleagues of mine would abandon their duty to the public when it comes to their online selves.”‘

He ends: “You can find me in various states of sobriety on mine, but if I ever go back to news, I wouldn’t be caught dead acting like a star-struck fool when I’m paid to conduct myself in exactly the opposite way — in public, in private and in cyberspace.”’