See, writing isn’t so ludicrous after all.

The sentiments in this Guardian piece really appeal to me a lot because the circumstances are so similar to mine. The recent global events of the financial crisis have shown that even professions as exalted as working in the banking and finance are not immune to layoffs or company collapses. These past few years, I’ve been under so much heat from some people about my choice of major and about my (lack of) career possibilities due to the fact that I wasn’t studying business/engineering/accounting. Especially given my Asian background, it shouldn’t be surprising. I believe that if a person is truly interested, passionate and works hard, one can be successful in whatever one does.

There are differences in that my parents never actually encouraged me to go into journalism, and some points in the article I find a little exaggerated such as her example of Damien Hirsh to prove that stereotype of the “starving artist” was erroneous.  For me, the point of the financial crisis and the collapse and layoffs in many financial institutions isn’t that being an artist is lucrative, not that i consider myself one, but that no job or profession is so failsafe that it will ead to guaranteed riches and comfort. Anyways while I don’t know if I’ll ever be wealthy or as successful as many of my classmates, relatives and acquaintances who went into business, finance or law, but I feel confident that I did the right thing in taking the path I did.