Cheap does pay off

With all the paperwork and procedures I have to get through before I go on the trip, I’ve had to spend quite a bit of money. While it’s not too exorbitant, it’s quite substantial because there are so many things to pay for- pictures, health checkup and labtests, clearance letter, application fees and so on. This is exactly why I tried to be so frugal for all these years. Everytime I have to spend another $20 or $50 or $100, the thing that offers me some consolation is remembering all the times I wanted to buy a coffee or Popeyes or other fast food and didn’t.

Some people might think these things may not be much but I can assure you that if spent over a long period of time, they sure do add up to a lot. Take a Popeyes chicken sandwich for instance, my favorite chicken sandwich and which I prefer over any hamburger as well, which by itself is about $4 something. Imagine if every week I was to buy it once while I was attended school. For a single school year of eight months , that would work out to $4 (rounding off) x 4 x 8 which would then be: $128 (again rounding off). Then if I did this for 4 years, that would be: $128 x 4 = $512. Keep in mind that I rounded off to a lower number (4) and that this does not include the cost of fries and drinks which would certainly ramp up the costs, and which I usually don’t order anyways. Besides Popeyes, imagine if I also bought pop, ice cream, chips, hamburgers or pizza on a semi-regular basis like once a week. That would have been another several hundred dollars down the drain.

While the amount saved is not that much, maybe a little over a thousand Canadian or so, it is still a thousand that wasn’t wasted.