US Presidential candidate Barrack Obama spoke in Berlin, Germany drawing a massive crowd of 200,000 which illustrates his broad appeal and charisma to people not just in America. Whatever you think of him, 200,000 is a mind-boggling number and one which no other American presidential contender like Hillary Clinton or John McCain could have come close to attracting.

Yet in spite of this, I still do not truly believe in Obama mainly because I think he is too inexperienced and that his campaign is more style than substance- the “Yes, we can” celebrity-laden video being one of the main flashpoints. He may win the upcoming US elections but I really feel that the “change” that he promises will be hardpressed to come and that many of his supporters will be severely let-down. This isn’t something personal against him because a lot of times, I am always wary whenever too much hype is lavished on someone or something, even in sports for instance. But the thing is, in international politics, there’s been a constant stream of charismatic politicians who’ve been voted in with a lot of promise to bring in change and benefits to their people and have come up flat. Taiwan’s Ma Yin-jeou might be showing signs of becoming one of these, but others include but are not limited to: Peru’s Alexandro Toledo, the Philippines’ Gloria Arroyo. I’m thinking that with Barrack Obama, there might be a similar effect. People have such high expectations of him, no doubt encouraged by his campaign, and if he comes to office, people will expect some kind of political revolution (metaphorically speaking) leading to a new era in American politcs. Frankly it’d be great if he could actually live up to his promises and more, such as cutting down on partisanship prevalent in politics and bringing about more cooperation between the 2 parties, but the thing is that as someone who is so new to federal politics, his goals seem to be more naive than achievable.