TTC strike over

It’s a good thing the TTC went back to normal from last evening and should be for the time being. Meanwhile the TTC union management and TTC staff should be hanging their heads in shame. Even worse than the audacity of their strike, is the probability that maybe the strike wasn’t even about the contract so much as it was about internal union politics. This Star article mentions this saying “An email circulating among TTC operators blamed the strike on an attempted coup against Kinnear. He was elected in 2003, against the wishes of the local’s executive board.” Of course, there is no absolute guarantee that this allegation is true but it raises some questions about the whole situation.
What’s also interesting is that the vote on the contract agreement supposedly agreed upon last weekend by union leaders was 65% against, though maintenance workers and mechanics only make up 4,000 members of the union. The article has TTC GM Gary Webster saying that opposition from these maintenance workers and mechanics was expected. However the fact is that though these workers only make up less than half of
the union, 65 % of the union voted against so it means drivers and other non-maintenance staff also opposed the contract.

Also, I think TTC union head Bob Kinnear’s reasoning for not giving a 48-hour notice because of fears over drivers’ safety is quite flakey and demonstrates how cowardly him and his union are. What did he think was going to happen if they had given the 48-hour notice- drivers would get killed or taken hostage? Sure, TTC staff may have faced some abuse and threats as they did the first time they declared the 48-hour notice last week, but by and large, nothing deadly or harmful would have really happened.


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