Empty feeling-finishing your undergrad

As my undergrad experience is set to come to an end (and of course even in this York is trying to make this as excruciating as possible), I still have this kind of empty and antagonistic feeling towards my overall time here. To be fair, some of it isn’t entirely York’s fault nor is it only a problem specific to York, as this Maclean’s blogpost here says which shows that I’m not the only one who feels that university can be quite hollow. His take is that university can be very insulated from the real world, as much of students’ time at school is spent doing impractical work, which I can attest to. Students in certain programs, such as nursing or teaching, might not feel this way, but definitely Arts, which my program is under, for the most part should fit the criteria of impracticality noted above. Of course, given that many Arts students go on to do grad school right away , especially law school for many in my program, it seems that an arts undergrad is simply an easy way to go onto graduate studies. And that it by itself doesn’t offer much intrinsic value.


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